The American Tax Bible



The American Tax Bible is the most important, most carefully researched, most thoroughly documented income tax work ever assembled into one book in the history of the United States of America. The collection of IRS correspondence response letters and the court resource documents would be invaluable to every American citizen living and working in America. It is over 700 pages of constitutional law and legal facts, and documents, assembled and presented for use by Thomas Freed, providing an essential, mind-blowing education on the true American tax law (which you have NOT been properly taught), its true legislative history (and what that means to you).


Exposed: - the corrupted and unconstitutional IRS operational practices; the disingenuous and fraudulent behavior and rulings of the federal judiciary; the true legal authority actually authorized in law, and the limits of that statutory authority in practice; the true (lack of any) statutory liability for the payment of any income tax under the statutes; the lack of legal due process in all tax collection and tax enforcement actions of the IRS (and the DOJ in court). Provided: actual letters, Motions, Exhibits etc. for answering the IRS correspondence, Tax Court, and the DOJ in the federal district courts over the erroneous claims of income tax alleged owed; documents for answering all IRS Summonses, both personal and third-party; and documents (Motions) to answer all civil (and criminal) legal income tax actions undertaken by the DOJ against an American citizen under the alleged income taxing powers, and or the 16th Amendment. The lack of subject-matter jurisdiction of the federal courts that can be lawfully taken by those courts over the claims for the federal income tax that are filed in the U.S. courts by the United States DOJ, to enforce the IRS direct and unapportioned assessments for tax that are made based on labor, not profits, is clearly explained and exposed, and put into Motions that anyone, and everyone, can use in the courts to expose the fraud in their case. This book plainly and clearly exposes the violated limits of the true taxing powers granted and made enforceable under the U.S. Constitution, which do not reach the fruits of labor (yours or anyone else's). ALSO Exposed: the wrongful summons enforcement practices and the wrongful Levy and Lien issuances and enforcement practices perpetrated by the IRS, companies and the courts, under color of law and color of office in the name of tax only, without true legal cause or granted authority, under neither the Constitution nor the statutes of Title 26 U.S.C. (I.R.C.) .

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